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Welcome to Adult & Youth Enrichment Center

"Adult & Youth Enrichment Center Inc. offers tailored services for youth (10-17) and adults (18+), prioritizing individual needs and goals. With our commitment to quality and flexibility, we ensure satisfaction through collaborative support."

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SINCE 2013

We Have 10+ Years of Experience

"Established in 2013, the Adult & Youth Enrichment Center in Sudbury, Ontario, provides tailored support for young adults transitioning into adulthood. Our focus on skill development, independence, and community integration has led to our growth across multiple locations in Northern and Southern Ontario."

Our Services

Mission, vision and statement

Addiction and Mental Health Services

Our services encompass a range of addictions, addressing triggers, urges, individualized counseling plans, community inclusion, trauma support, and assistance during hospital visits.

Mission, vision and statement

Behavioral Management Services

Our services include anger management, visual aids, reward systems, Behavior Support Plans (BSP), and participation in clinical team meetings

Mission, vision and statement

Respite/Residential Services 

We offer both short-term and long-term support, in-home or out of home, to assist with daily living, skills development, family dynamics, education, and transitioning, along with community inclusion and medical support.

Mission, vision and statement

Assisted Daily Living Support

Our services encompass hygiene, social and life skills, academic support, speech programming, community inclusion, and independence enhancement, with referrals to specialized services and a focus on safety.

Mission, vision and statement

Independence Developmental

We empower clients to learn self-care and home maintenance skills, emphasizing independence in daily tasks while accommodating individual needs.

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Wellness Program Services

We provide weekly group support hubs covering topics such as anger management, budgeting, safety, relationships, anxiety, trauma, and addiction.

About Us

Mission, vision and statement

Our Mission

Adult & Youth Enrichment Center (AYEC)  is an equal opportunity Establishment strategically positioned to provide quality instruction and therapeutic care services through the delivery of all-inclusive, liberal and professional programmes that challenge individuals with Developmental Disabilities / Mental Health Struggles to pursue living skills and the opportunity to be creative, imaginative and functionally responsible members of the community with special needs.

Mission, vision and statement


Adult & Youth Enrichment Center (AYEC) seeks to be recognized as the leading therapeutic care establishment with worldwide acclaim that is uniquely positioned to provide enhanced therapeutic support services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities / Mental Health Struggles in line with the model of care in the highest standards. 

Mission, vision and statement

Who we are

"Discover a supportive community and tailored programs for individuals with disabilities at the Adult & Youth Enrichment Center, where we empower independence and happiness through specialized life skills training."

Mission, vision and statement

What we do

"At the Adult & Youth Enrichment Center, we provide a supportive environment where individuals can socialize, enhance their skills, and pursue employment opportunities, focusing on strengths rather than disabilities."


Strengths Shine, Independence Grows, Community Thrives at AYEC.

"At AYEC, we believe in harnessing strengths, promoting independence, and nurturing a vibrant community where everyone thrives. Our focus on individualized support ensures each person receives the tools and encouragement they need to succeed."

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Proud member of Sudbury's Chamber of Commerce

Sudbury Chamber

The Adult & Youth Enrichment Center has developed many professional partnerships and we work closely with outside agencies & services within our community to ensure our clients get the best possible care. Some of our networking professionals include:

March of Dimes
Elite Wellness
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Parents Review

"As parents, we're thankful for discovering the Adult & Youth Enrichment Center. It's truly transformative for our child, offering both support and a strong sense of belonging. With personalized attention and comprehensive services, we have peace of mind knowing they're in capable hands and set for success."
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