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Adult Enrichment  Center

Addiction and Mental
Health Services

Our services encompass a range of addictions, addressing triggers, urges, individualized counseling . . .

Assisted Daily Living

Our services encompass hygiene, social and life skills, academic support, speech . . .

Our services include anger management, visual aids, reward systems, Behavior Support Plans (BSP) . . .

Behavioral Management

In Home Community


In Home service program is a community-based service program designed to provide . . .



We empower clients to learn self-care and home maintenance skills, emphasizing . . .

Respite / Residental

We offer both short-term and long-term support, in-home or out of home, to assist with . . .


Youth Enrichment  Center

At the Library

Youth Enrichment Center (YEC) is concerned with the “Wholistic Development” of every Youth in the Society especially those with ‘special Needs’. As such, the ‘Functional Skills Curriculum’ which emphasizes skills that are used in daily activities within Vocational, Domestic, Community,
Recreational, and core Focus Areas are the ‘pitch and core’ of their Instruction. These courses are based on Alternate Academic Achievement Standards as determined by the Education Board to make the Center a hub and plethora of worthwhile experiences for Life.
YEC have enrolled many students with Special Needs who are challenged with ‘independent learning’. They often need specialized instruction and more “Scaffolded Support” such as having tasks broken down for them into more manageable chunks, using visual aids and frequent check - ins to ensure they are on the right track.

Professionals with Specialty in Special Needs Education are available to enhance and transform the Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor Domain of “Every Individual” through a “one-on-one” Support Policy based on the nature of ‘Need of the Individual’. As such YEC uses a Contextualised Non – Formal Curriculum which is substantially aligned with the Curriculum for Education of the Formal School System, but it is not the ‘Mirror Image’ of the Formal School Curriculum, it is ‘aligned but not identical’.

Evidence-Based Special Education Curriculum and Programs aligned with Positive Action System is employed to give students with Special Needs a Skill set that will help them succeed holistically in skill acquisition. For instance, the “Multisensory Learning Approach”, using Audiovisual Learning Materials like diagrams, graphics and pictures to augment instruction, model instructional practices for well designed intensive practice to build core competencies amongst individuals.


Psychomotor / Recreational Activities

YMCA Programmes (Swimming, basketball, Pool table, ping pong table, squash ball, etc.) . . .

Cognitive Based


Homework Help

Formal Curriculum Activities / Assisting with School Work (i.e. reading, writing, arithmetic, . . . 

Responsibilities, Rights & Privileges (daily chores, helping with cleaning, small tasks . . .

Affective Based Activities

Kids Running
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