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Joanne Bouchard

Founder / Executive Director

Joanne Bouchard, Founding Executive Director of the Adult & Youth Enrichment Center, is a registered Social Service Worker and entrepreneur. Recognizing the need for post-secondary support for individuals with developmental disabilities, she established the center in 2013. Over the years, it expanded to multiple locations, offering outstanding services, including residential respite homes.

In 2023, the center rebranded with 9 residential homes in Sudbury and 1 in Sault Ste Marie. Joanne's dream of a unified campus providing comprehensive services to various age groups and addressing mental health challenges became a reality. With a strong family background and her late father's legacy of community service, Joanne is committed to positive community impact.

Her short-term goal is residential development, while the long-term vision includes further expansion to benefit children, youth, teens, young adults, adults, and the aging population. Joanne hopes her children will continue her legacy of providing essential services in communities. Beyond work, she values family time, outdoor activities, and ongoing education on disabilities, mental health, and addictions for the benefit of her clients and the organization's growth. "Be kind, be patient, and listen to others" is Joanne's guiding philosophy.

Joanne Bouchard
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