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Community Based Child and Youth Mental Health Services:

AYEC offers a variety of programs to support the mental health of children and youth in the community. This includes crisis support services, targeted prevention programs, culturally sensitive services, and family capacity building programs. They also provide individual, family, and group therapy, as well as outreach counselling in schools and other settings.

  • Crisis Support Services: Help in times of immediate need.

  • Targeted Prevention: Programs to promote mental health and prevent problems.

  • Culturally Sensitive Services: Support that considers your background and culture.

  • Family Capacity Building: Helping families develop skills to support their children.

  • Counselling and Therapy Services: Individual, family, and group therapy.

  • Brief Services: Short-term counselling to address immediate needs.

  • Outreach Counselling Services: Counselling provided in schools or other community settings.

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