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Développement de l’indépendance

Nous permettons à nos clients d'acquérir des compétences en matière de soins personnels et d'entretien de la maison, en mettant l'accent sur l'indépendance dans les tâches quotidiennes tout en répondant aux besoins individuels.

Our focus is on enhancing life skills and independence in order for clients to be able to help out at home OR to prepare clients who wish to eventually live on their own. We teach clients everything they need to learn/known about taking care of themselves and their environment while at home including:

  • Resume Building

  • Support with application for ODSP, DSO, Passport Funding and Housing.

  • Job application

  • Mock Interview

All clients are encouraged to be as independent as possible when completing all daily tasks. We accommodate all requirements to ensure every client has a successful day.

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